Operating Supplies Equipment Procurement

Delivering OS&E Services that will Provide Our Clients with a Continuous Advantage

Service Levels

  • Luxury
  • Full Service
  • Limited Service
  • Extended Stay
  • Economy/Budget

Room Counts

  • King Rooms
  • Queen Rooms
  • Double Rooms
  • Single or Bunk Bed Rooms
  • Guestroom Suites
  • Hospitality Suites
  • Concierge Lounges

Restaurants & Bars

  • Number of Restaurants
  • Type of Cuisine
  • Number of Bars
  • Theme and Design
  • Hours of Operation
  • Service Levels
  • Number of Seats

Room Service

  • Hours of Operation
  • Service Levels
  • Impact of Menu

Banquets & Meeting Rooms

  • Number of Rooms
  • Square Meters or Footage
  • Maximum Seat Capacity
  • Pre-Function Areas
  • Impact of Menu

Spa, Health Club & Pool

  • Number of Treatment Rooms
  • Retail Opportunity
  • Maximum Occupancy Space
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Food & Beverage Outlets
  • Impact of Menu

Back of House

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Offices
  • Facilities
  • Engineering
  • Kitchen & Stewarding
  • Banquet Dish-Up Area
  • Back Hallways
  • Storage
  • Service Elevator

Front of House

  • Front Desk
  • Guest Service/Concierge
  • Bell Desk
  • Valet
  • Garage

Image & Uniforms Design

  • Front Desk
  • Back Office
  • Valet
  • Concierge
  • Wait Staff
  • Chef
  • Bartenders
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance

Phase 1

Developing a Full OS&E Model

Phase 2

Adding the Selections and Projected Costs

Phase 3

Execution of Orders, Reports, Expediting and Turnover

Phase 1: Developing a Full OS&E Model ( Interactive List w/ Pars & Quantities )

For your Opening, Renovation or Brand Roll-Out… Carver & Associates is the experienced choice to help you to expertly select, purchase and manage your OS&E (Operating Supplies & Equipment).

With over 40 years of experience in operations, management, and purchasing, we have mastered the technical, decorative, logistical and negotiating skill sets needed to ensure your timely and successful opening as well as resupply.

To develop an OS&E list that takes into account your vision, standards, service levels, budget, needs and desires for your hotel, Carver & Associates will:

  1. Meet with the Owners, Operators, Designers and Decision Makers to best understand your expectations for all areas of the Operation
  2. Capture the critical details of the project and help you develop a preliminary budget

Phase 2: Adding the Selections and Projected Costs

At Carver & Associates, we understand key goals that must be achieved with the selection of OS&E:

  1. The OS&E will become the finishing touches… to achieve your visions, as well as the standards you wish to demonstrate to your guests… Creating experiences that will make their first impressions exceptional and as such influence recommendations and lead to the Highest Ratings and years of Customer Loyalty.
  2. Operating Supplies are the tools provided to your employee teams that are charged with executing your vision… and as such are critically important to their performance, pride and morale.
  3. We also know that these carefully selected products must also survive the rigors of everyday use while achievable within your budget and quickly available for Resupply.
  4. Carver & Associates maintains relationships with the widest range of global manufacturers and master distributors seeking to always leverage the supply chain for maximum efficiency.
  5. Carver & Associates works earnestly with qualified local and regional, qualified sources to support the local economy.
  6. We insist and focus in our sustainability efforts through LEED qualified personnel on staff and the selection of like-minded sources.
    • Based upon the criteria provided, we will arrange for the presentation of multiple product options to best define your property on a cost-effective basis
    • Good/Better/Best options will be provided for your consideration, if desired
    • Our Design Team will liaise with your Architect, Interior Designer or designated team members to provide enhanced color and design coordination while maintaining your vision
    • Once your preliminary selections are determined, budgetary models will be provided to assist in final selection process
    • Manufacturers and suppliers will be pre-qualified to guarantee the availability of product selections in necessary quantities for the opening as well as the continued resupply for a period of no less than three years
    • Negotiations will continuously be made with manufacturers, dealers, distributors and logistic groups to provide you with the most competitive prices and greatest savings
    • The interactive OS&E model and budget will be complete and include detailed specifications including manufacturers, model numbers, pars, lead times, unit costs and total costs

Phase 3: Execution of Orders, Reports, Expediting and Turnover

  1. Your project will be assigned to a senior Carver & Associates’ Project Manager dedicated to your project
  2. Your Project Manager will be supported by the management team of Carver & Associates globally, as well Procurement Specialists in the Carver offices to prepare Purchase Orders for submission to the selected suppliers
  3. You or your designated associates will receive copies of each Purchase Order or Change Order as well as confirmations from the supplier and POD’s upon delivery
  4. Supervisory personnel will review your orders to ensure that they are correct
  5. An Expeditor will be assigned to your project to track shipments and advise you of order completion from start to final delivery
  6. Purchase Order Completion Reports will be regularly provided detailing the current spend details and budget status
  7. A final Purchase Order History Report will be provided listing all orders and details necessary to identify & continuously reorder all OS&E
  8. Carver & Associates will also engage with Logistics Specialists, Freight Carriers and Local Delivery Companies to ensure best practices, beneficial rates, timely & efficient transportation, insurance coverages for replacement cost. Warehouse configurations and environment will be managed and controlled to provide detailed and correct receiving documentation and the well-organized documentation turn-over process to operations.