Interior Design

Carver & Associates’ rendering artists use the most current technology and graphics programs to communicate design concepts clearly, with photo realistic renderings.

Our Mission

Carver & Associates’ award-winning Interior Design team works with our clients to deliver unique and design-driven guest experiences. Our designers are committed to producing the highest quality work and providing unmatched customer service throughout the entire project. We offer a wide range of services including implementing brand prototypes, nonbranded boutique, ground-up developments, PIP renovations and conversions for full and select service hotels, lifestyle and boutique non-branded hotels, casinos, restaurants and assisted living.

Our Process

  • Understanding the Brand/Flag
    For each property the most current brand requirements and philosophies, are thoroughly studied by the team to ensure compliance and accuracy from day one..
  • Establish Scope of Work
    All project consultants are brought together to provide the Design Team with all variables and conditions,and each area is reviewed to establish the total scope of design and procurement needs.
  • Budget and Development
    Working closely with the client, multiple vendors are reviewed, comprehensive and comparative
    costing is done, and reports provided regularly in order to stay on target.
  • Concept and Design
    Creativity is brought to the table, and the fun begins! While meeting brand requirements and the client’s budget, designs are shaped, aesthetics blossom and selections are made and presented for approval.
  • Detail Design
    Custom millwork drawings, lighting designs and detailing all aspects of each space are our specialties. Brand provided drawings are referenced but never just copied, and FF&E specifications are fleshed out and finalized.
  • Manage / Expedite Process
    Carver & Associates is equipped to provide cost-effective, high quality solutions, and we deliver. Our team has opened hundreds of hotels on time and within budget, so we are ready for the challenge.