State of Art Technology

Carver & Associates utilizes an industry-leading FF&E specification platform focused on delivering collaborative productivity enhancement solutions through online innovation of integrated data and technology. This state-of-the-art technology serves as a link between the Interior Designer, Procurement Professionals, Clients, and Manufacturer. Seamless integration within the AutoCAD and Revit drawing environments enhance project design productivity.
  • Publish inventory and design layouts from AutoCAD™, Revit™, OiPad™, or other software to the web to spec and bid projects.
  • Sync from AutoCAD™ or Revit™ OR design your layout by drawing on a PDF of the floor plan using our web-based OiPad™ technology.
  • Collaborate with your customers via the customer portal you can configure.
  • Reduce errors through project design visibility.
  • Provide a value proposition and differentiate your offer to the customer through project sharing and real-time visibility for staying on budget.
  • Draw allows you to create crisp, professional specification binders with a few clicks of the button.
  • Give your customers the ability to view project data and information (as permissioned by user group administrator), print documents, and add feedback or comments applicable to the rooms, products, drawings, specification or information, found throughout a given project or projects.
  • Manage Quotes/Proposals, Customer POs, Manufacturer Orders, Acknowledgements, Truck and Deliveries, Invoicing. From the quote/proposal to installation management and receivables, Order is the complete “back of the house” management system for your dealership.
  • Create custom quotes/proposals with standard, contract, or specialized pricing.
  • Manage freight and install pricing and implementations.
  • Schedule Deliveries. Upload all documents pertaining to the customer’s project or sales order via our virtual filing cabinet.
  • Capture allows facility managers, building owners, and others to use our offline/online capabilities to capture inventories on site of newly installed products (as-built) or existing inventory.
  • Using our web based software you can capture inventory with pictures, codes, and custom product fields by type on site and then push your changes to the OI cloud for further project management, detailing and documenting, or collaboration with reviewers.
  • Know what you have, where you have it, what condition it’s in, and manage renovations and re-designs with Capture.